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Protect The Record - "Real" Court Reporters Unite

by Genie Kelley January 22, 2020

Stenographic court reporters are skilled professionals and should always be used to protect the record, rather than the latest attack on our profession - digital reporters.  Educate your clients every chance you get that it's imperative that they pay attention to the way their proceedings are being recorded and should always insist on using a licensed, professional stenographic reporter.  So much can go wrong with the digital way of recording!  I take the opportunity at every deposition I attend to alert the attorneys on what's happening out there.  Without exception, every time I bring up the subject of "real" court reporters being replaced by digital reporters, my clients are shocked that this is happening and are thankful for my bringing it to their attention.  Let's unite and support our profession - real professional court reporters versus just any live body showing up with digital equipment is always the way it should work!

Genie Kelley
Genie Kelley


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